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Subtitles for The A-Team

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[color=cyan]Movie Information:::::[/color]
Original Movie Site::
Genre:::::::::::::::: Action | Adventure | Thriller
Rating::::::::::::::: 7.5/10   2,531 votes
Plot::::::::::::::::: A group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect
                     the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed. 

Codec:::::::::::::::: XVID
Duration::::::::::::: 1Hour 53Minutes
Bitrate:::::::::::::: 1581 Kbps
Width:::::::::::::::: 720
Height::::::::::::::: 304
Frame Rate::::::::::: 25.000fps
Size::::::::::::::::: 1.37GB
Language::::::::::::: English
Subtitles:::::::::::: Hardcoded English on foreign parts
Video Source::::::::: DVD9 ELEKTRI4KA Thanks

Codec:::::::::::::::: MP3
Bitrate:::::::::::::: 128KBS
Frequency:::::::::::: 48.000Khz
Audio Source::::::::: IMAGINE Thanks

[color=pink]Release Notes:[/color]
Nice to see a r5 of this movie....right made a script for the dvd9 including slight denoise filter, and sharpness filter
and some RGB Editting filter, save script and loaded into vdub, then used 1 or 2 filters out of vdub for some other 
alterations like saturation gamma etc. Used and brightness filter as it seemed quite dark in some areas of the movie.
synced imagines audio to the video, took quite a while all of 30minutes :P...anyway, includes all the credits and no
url on the video. Enjoy

IRC:     /s

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